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How to Dress Like a Captain

You’ve been planning for months. And now it’s almost here—yes, the Miami International Boat Show. Come February 16, you’ll require a getup worthy of the sea’s saltiest dogs: Ahab, Nemo, the indefatigable Cap’n known as Crunch. Herewith, our favorite pieces for navigating the masses.

Classic Double-Breasted Blazer

Classic Double-Breasted Blazer

What: A handsomely tailored navy blazer with antique brass crest buttons.
Why You Want It: For properly assuming character—if Danny Ocean took to the seas, he’d wear this.
When to Wear It: At the pre- and postshow cocktail parties, while authoritatively commanding the flow of champagne into your awaiting flute.

A Sailor Sweater from Gant

A Sailor Sweater from Gant

What: A comfy, striped crew-neck sweater, from experts on nautical handsomeness.
Why You Want It: Looking like Hemingway fresh off a day on the water: never a bad thing.
When to Wear It: Inside the cool confines of the Convention Center, or tied loosely around your shoulders at the marinas.

Gant Rugger Skipper Sweater, $198, Item. Miami Beach, 1673 Meridian Ave, 305-673-1600

White Jeans from Rag & Bone

White Jeans from Rag & Bone

What: Sharp-looking pants made right here in the US of A.
Why You Want It: McQueen. Newman. You. All have two things in common: great heads of hair. And you look pretty good in white jeans.
When to Wear It: Whenever you damn well please.

Pipes with an Italian Pedigree

Pipes with an Italian Pedigree

What: Stately looking pipes crafted in Italy from briar root.
Why You Want It: Sturdy yet rugged-looking. Rumor has it mermaids dig the whole pipe look.
When to Use It: When pondering how many knots it’ll take to get from the Convention Center to your first tumbler of whiskey.

Milano Collection Pipes, $29.95, Cuenca Cigars, 1928 Harrison St, Hollywood, 954-364-7660

A Captain’s Hat. So Necessary.

A Captain’s Hat. So Necessary.

What: A classic chapeau from a shop that outfits the yachting and cruise industry.
Why You Want It: Because you can’t go full Captain Stubing without one.
When to Wear It: In a catamaran hot tub, naturally...

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