Room 4 Dessert

Sweet Spot

Dessert Bar Opens Next to La Esquina

Flowers can sometimes do the trick, as can some smooth VIP treatment at your drinking destination. But there is really no more surefire way to a woman's heart than with killer molten chocolate cake.

Chef Will Goldfarb is here to help with Room 4 Dessert, the literally-named sweet spot opening tomorrow night in a tucked-away location across the street from La Esquina. The discreet frosted glass front reveals a long, narrow space (seating only 28), with a long bar serving up creative desserts paired with a great wine and champagne list.

With training from Spain's El Bulli, world-famous for its outrageous experimental food labs (with creations like "flavored gases" inhaled before ingestion), Goldfarb creates unique tastings in never-before-seen dessert forms. The Voyage to India, with a crisp made from cocoa butter, and mango in the form of caviar, is likely to get her going; as will the Apple In Various States which includes an apple slice steamed and served in clear stapled cellophane (who knew eating out of stapled cellophane could taste so good); and the unforgettable Infance which includes handspun cotton candy served gourmet-style.

Goldfarb, like a good bartender, is friendly and easygoing as he and his team whip up the goods right in front of you. The ambiance is fun and sexy—perfect for a creative first date alternative to a regular bar, or a sure-bet post-dinner destination for your woman with the sweet tooth.

And a woman's brain supposedly responds to chocolate much like it responds to that other pleasure...audibly.


Room 4 Dessert
17 Cleveland Pl
(between Spring and Kenmare)
New York, NY, 10012

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