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Pig’s Feet Ramen and Fried Chicken

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Your nights tend to go late. They just do.

And ever since your last trip to Yokohama, you’ve been searching for a place that does proper Japanese ramen at 1am.

Well, good news: we found it. Better news: you’ve already met...

Get a load of the new look of Uni, Ken Oringer’s house of sashimi bliss that’s been updated with a more Japanese appearance (and Japanese fried chicken), now open.

The change in here isn’t as drastic as, say, adding a swim-up bar to your apartment. But it’s pretty close. They’ve overhauled the interior with plush leather banquettes, light wood paneling and the kind of low-sitting sushi bar you’d expect to find well-suited executives gathering around in downtown Tokyo (the spiritual sister city to Boston).

The menu still has plenty of Maine sea urchin, yellowfin tuna sashimi and Spanish sea bass (aka the classics). But you’ll be happy to know they’re also doing comfort foods like the aforementioned Japanese fried chicken. And after 11pm on weekends, this is your new ace in the hole for huge bowls of umami ramen in a pig’s feet broth, with miso, BBQ eel and 10 types of mushrooms.

In other words, you’re in for some crazy post-ramen dreams.

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