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Michelin-Starred Sushi in Midtown

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The French frenchify things. It’s just what they do.

Worked great for toast. And maids.

So tomorrow, at lunch, when a foie gras sushi roll is staring you directly in the face, don’t act surprised.

Meet Sushi Shop, a two-story Midtown maki compound that’s pumping out unorthodox rolls from the mind of a Michelin-starred Parisian, now open.

This is the kind of place you’re coming to for lunch (the downstairs is essentially an ultramodern takeout counter), for client dinners (the upstairs is full of sleek/spacious booths) or to find out what in God’s name a sweet-fig foie gras hand roll tastes like.

Yes, these guys (a team of celebrated toques who’ve opened 90 such shops in Europe) take certain liberties with the rules of Japanese cuisine. And as a result, you end up with things like blue-chip-crusted fried-chicken Caesar salad rolls. Also, tuna melts. The maki version.

Of course, being of French descent does provide a place like this with certain unique advantages. Namely in the caviar department. So you’ll want to play to its strengths and order something roe-topped (think toro tartare with green apple and fresh cheese) for the table.

It was that or snails.


Sushi Shop
536 Madison Ave
(between 54th and 55th)
New York, NY, 10022


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