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We know. We were thinking it, too—you could really use a place to take down both tumblers of bourbon and unsuspecting Battleship opponents. Well, good news, it’s here—it’s called Blackbird Ordinary, and here’s everything you need to know.

Ratio of patrons sporting tattoo sleeves to those wearing neckties: 3:1
Ratio at the pool table: 4:0
Bartenders who used to be at the Florida Room before it closed: 3
Cocktails named after birds: 11
Number of those named Mourning Dove (bourbon and a whole egg, shaken with stout): 1
Styles of ice cube on offer: 4
Number that’s just a single colossal cube: 1
Mint and basil potted plants you’re welcome to pick from should your mojito require a bit more mintiness: 5
Varieties of beer on the menu: 26
Number of those on draft: 8
Chances of finding Anchor Steam or Harpoon IPA on draft: solid
Spinning stations in the DJ booth: 7
Number of stations used simultaneously on a recent night: 3
Available board games (including Connect Four and Jenga): 11
Number of Battleships among them: 2
Times it’s okay to loudly exclaim “I sunk your battleship”: as many as you damn well please 


Blackbird Ordinary
729 SW 1st Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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