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Cocktail-Filled Gelatinous Spheres

None On Sunday, you’ll be partaking in that age-old, 46-year tradition of tossing back frosty pints while watching expensive commercials with talking animals.

So tonight you’ll want to try something new and different.

Futuristic gelatinous alcohol bubbles should do.

Introducing Cocktail Spheres, a revolutionary imbibing vessel delivering spiked beverages in futuristic solid/liquid form, available now at Fifth Floor.

If you had a childhood Bubblicious Bursts or Fruit Gushers habit, you’ve been training for these all your life. Except the not-so-innocent liquid-filled center will be a fully balanced cocktail.

Essentially, these orbs are like doing shots with a cocktail back. And while the sphere/chaser combo will change weekly, whatever you order, you’ll be presented with a yolk-like glob in an absinthe spoon resting atop the lip of the cocktail chaser. This week, it’ll be a citrusy pisco/Lillet sphere over the gin-based Pink Elephant that’s got a splash of smoked absinthe.

If you must know the details of how this magical refreshment is made, we’ll give you the high level. Basically, they blend the cocktail with calcium gluconate and xanthan gum, then drop it into a bath of sodium alginate to form the delicate skin.

Better to think of it as just cocktail sorcery.


Cocktail Spheres
available at Fifth Floor
12 4th St
San Francisco, CA, 94103

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