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None Landmark moments in lunch history:

1859: Oscar F. Mayer born in Kösingen, Germany.

1912: Bread slicer created. Widely believed to be the greatest invention since, well, ever.

Your ninth birthday: Mom stops cutting the crust off your PB&J.

2012: Your stomach is granted the right to vote. On sandwiches.

Presenting My Belly’s Playlist, a democratic, downtown delivery operation where popular upscale sandwiches stay in rotation and neglected ones are put out to pasture, available now.

Basically, this is like one gigantic sandwich primary. Every month, a lineup of 10 sandwiches is rolled out. Think cabernet-braised short rib sliders and nine-spice citrus banh mi baguettes.

They’ll each come boxed with an amuse-bouche (like parmesan honeycombs), a side (perhaps garlic pickle salad) and a dessert (expect chocolate here). Every time you order one up to the office, you’re essentially casting a vote. And ultimately saving a sandwich’s life.

Should you not see anything on the menu that catches your eye, there’s always the option for a write-in. Just go on their Facebook page and describe your perfect sandwich (ingredients should be street legal), and the chefs (ex-Lupa and Resto guys) may create it. If the lunching public shows enough support, you could end up with a sandwich named in your honor.

Now if only your parents hadn’t named you Ham.


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