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Wine and Grilled Cheese in Old Town

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Three words. Three little words. Syllables, really.  That’s all it takes. Say them once, and your date will turn to putty.

Grilled cheese flights.

Fair warning: once said, a gentleman must deliver.

So we present Flight 1551, a snug Old Town dispensary of obscure little wines and hearty comforts, now open.

Naturally, a wine bar opening this close to Valentine’s Day automatically goes on your list of potential wooing venues. This place checks out. It has the requisite mood lighting. And though it’s snug, there’s a bumper crop of cushy two-seaters for you to make eyes at each other over plates of mussels, oysters and also monkey bread (considered an aphrodisiac... somewhere. Probably).

But say you find yourself next Sunday really craving a good New York riesling (it’s what Eli Manning would want for you). There’s a pair of discreetly placed televisions to keep an eye on the game. Plus, you can investigate that grilled cheese flight (manchego with fig jam really does something for you).

Oh, yeah. The wine. The list is pretty broad, featuring far-flung regions and grapes: bonarda from Argentina. Cabernet franc from Canada. Sparkling wine from Michigan. There are 51 wines by the glass, 150 to 200 by the bottle and 24 via a special bottle-tapping system.

So yes, wine on tap: also three very powerful words. 


Flight 1551
1551 N Wells St
(near North)
Chicago, IL, 60610


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