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Eating Frogs’ Legs in a Bank Vault

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Give us your palm.

We’re going to read your future.

Okay, we’re getting something here... history... bank vault... frogs’ legs... the printing press.

Wow, if it wasn’t for the new Harvard Square watering hole you’re going to read about, that would seem really random.

Introducing First Printer, a total reimagining of the former Herrell’s Ice Cream shop, opening this Saturday for all your Southern punch, fried alligator and vault-dining needs.

Upon entering, this feels like just another handsome tavern with some exposed brick. But looking more closely, you’ll soon notice newspapers from the 1800s like the Massachusetts Spy on the walls, an homage to the site being home to the very first printing press in the US (and later, a bank).

So you’ll want to roll in here with some appropriate pals (writers, bankers) and knuckle up to the bar for lobster hush puppies and a few local drafts (Allagash, Cisco). Or better yet, a Printer’s Punch with bourbon, citrus sour and rum (printing machinists were known punch enthusiasts).

Or if things continue to go well with that third-year grad student from the bayou, you’ll set a date here for a Swamp Bowl (frogs’ legs, fried gator and crawfish) at a table in the back. And by the back we mean inside the converted original bank vault.

No, the tables aren’t made of money. 


First Printer
15 Dunster St
Cambridge, MA, 02138


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