Growlers at Lou’s Beer Garden

Draft Pick

The City’s First Bar with Growlers

None So... the Super Bowl.

Now that the lineup’s been settled, you need to focus on two key things:

1) Where to procure a waterproof inflatable screen, obviously.
2) Beer.

Which brings us to Growlers at Lou’s Beer Garden, the city’s first foray into draft beers to go, available now.

First things first: growlers. You know them, you love them—they’re those refillable glass jugs you use to take home the sudsy brew of your choice.

So say you’re doing a little pre–Super Bowl practice run to decide which beer works best for the big game. You’ll stop in and order up a handsome 32-ouncer of anything from their dozen taps—say, a Cigar City Ligero Black Lager (from Tampa) or an Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout from Northern California (made using the same 18th-century methods that kept the Russian royal court well sauced).

Or head there tonight, when you’ll find that the poolside bar is hosting the kickoff to South Florida Beer Week. Meaning all 12 taps will be dispensing quaffs from local breweries like the Native Brewing Company, Tequesta and Holy Mackerel. And there’ll also be tastings from a complimentary pig roast.

If that sort of thing appeals to you...


Growlers at Lou’s Beer Garden
7337 Harding Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33141

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