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Music That Matches Your Mood

None So, the Wikipedia shutdown.

It’s bringing up all sorts of complex emotions for you.

Emotions you don’t even understand, mostly because you haven’t been able to look them up.

Perhaps the haunting vocal stylings of Adele would help...

Introducing Habu Music, a tablet app that plays your music based only on how you’re feeling, available now for Android and soon for iPad.

So you’ve got Spotify nowadays. Totally indispensible. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. The problem: it doesn’t account for your daily ups and downs. The improbable playoff victories. The agonizing awards-season upsets. The drawn-out emotional saga of ordering lunch for the office. This app does, and it does it with your own music library.

It’ll go like this: you’re basking in all that long-weekend afterglow. So you’ll point (roughly) to a suitable spot on the app’s grid of 100 moods, which includes positive and dark, calm and energetic. In your case, it’ll say you’re feeling “jaunty” and pull up a playlist to match that. Expect some Ed Sullivan–era Beatles, some Sam Cooke, maybe a little RiRi.

Tip: it might be time to clear “Mambo No. 5” out of your library.

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