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A Russian Banya Lands in SF

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Coming out of a long weekend, there’s only one thing you can do:

Plan next weekend. This time, though, maybe mix in a little R & R.

Believe it or not, getting beaten with dried oak leaves in a 190-degree sauna falls into that category...

Introducing Archimedes Banya, a veritable cathedral of bathing delights in the form of Russian saunas, steam rooms, pools and hot tubs, now open in India Basin.

You’re probably thinking this already, but it’s best enjoyed with a date—however, not just anyone. This date has to be someone you know well (at least 11 or so dates in) and the sort who’s up for anything. And by anything, we mean a clothing-optional environment in the company of some old Russian dudes, and the aforementioned leaf beating.

You’ll want to start with the sauna that’s heated by a 22,000-pound oven to a blistering temperature of about 190 degrees. Then, request the Venik Platza treatment, and they’ll appear with a bunch of specially treated oak leaves and begin to gently beat you. Stay strong. Then when you can’t take the heat any longer, plunge into the cold pool.

After that, you’ll have the run of the pools, a steam room and a roof deck. There’s also a dimly lit lounge with a dozen or so black leather recliners and a flat-screen TV.

And remember, always finish with a water/vodka regimen.


Archimedes Banya
748 Innes Ave
(at Earl)
San Francisco, CA, 94124


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