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Time to Make the Donuts

None Your thought process today is simple, and it goes something like this:

The New Hampshire primaries are over. The circus has left New England. Romney won. Romney’s helmet of hair, for some reason, suggests he is a man who knows how to destroy donuts.

Mmm, donuts...

Which brings us to: the Donut Hole Factory, a crazy combination of a George Foreman grill, a waffle iron and a Dunkin’ Donuts, available online now.

Look, sometimes you just reeeaaallly get an urge for some delicious donuts. But going to Dunks requires you getting out of your Forever Lazy (some days, that’s just not an option).

That’s when you’ll turn to this device—sort of like a Mr. Coffee for donuts. You’ll shuffle over to the kitchen, whip up some batter, drop it in the indentations, close the lid, and about four minutes later, you’ll be in donut hole heaven (read: sugary donuts, coffee, dip, repeat).

Of course, you may feel restricted in your choices and want to go rogue. When that happens, know that you can get wild with cheese-poofs, pizza balls or even donut holes that are low in fat.

Hahahaha. Low in fat. Sigh. That’s funny.

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