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When you think of the United Center, certain things inevitably spring to mind.

The Bulls. The Blackhawks. Pork rillettes.

And regarding that last one: it’s time we mention The Ogden, a sports bar with a few modern notions about the kind of food you crave before you watch Jonathan Toews slap one into the net, now open.

This is that rarest type of sports bar: somewhere you could bring a date and survive for a second one. Sure, it ticks off all the amenities every modern sports bar should have, starting with flat-screens in every direction. And if those still aren’t enough (they never are), just slide into one of the booths, each outfitted with timber benches and private televisions, which will help you keep an eye on the ’Hawks and Downton Abbey.

In the back, there’s a handsome mid-century-style lounge filled with Eames chairs. You could get cozy in those plush chairs by the fireplace as you munch popcorn (popped in chicken fat) and consider something from the obscenely large beer list.

Or just move on to those other sports bar staples: burgers. Steak tartare. Whipped salt-cod tacos. French fries topped with savory pork ragù, cheese curds and a fried egg. Giant grilled turkey wings with buffalo sauce in a pool of blue cheese.

Admittedly, you go to very good sports bars.


Arrow on Ogden
1659 W Ogden Ave
(between Adams and Monroe)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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