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Empire-building: bad for countries.

Great for dinner.

Especially if the empire in question is built on steak...

Introducing Old Homestead Steakhouse, a new Vegas-ready outpost of one of Manhattan’s oldest steak-doms, now open at Caesars Palace on the ruins of Nero’s Restaurant.

Sure, you’ll always hold a soft spot in your heart for the original New York Old Homestead, a wood-and-wallpaper-clad neighborhood spot whose menu remains more or less consistent with the dining trends of 1868. But this is Vegas. So tonight, we see you barreling toward a future of bone-in filets and cheese-stuffed tater tots inside a 250-seat glass-and-slate-columned lair lit by an orbit of Edison bulbs.

Huddled here, inside a burgundy leather banquette, you’ll hash out resolutions (eat more protein, cut back on tells) over chilled Maine lobster cocktail from the raw bar. When you’re good and ready, you’ll graduate to the heavier stuff, like the 42-ounce porterhouse for two (don’t try to be a hero).

And feel free to chase it all with a Red Velvet Cake Martini.

We’ve come a long way since the olive.


Old Homestead Steakhouse
at Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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