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Cocktails and Late-Night Eats near Pixar

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Generally speaking, three makes a trend.

That is, unless you’re talking about new cocktail bars flocking to Emeryville.

Then we think two openings in two months will do...

Welcome Honor Bar, Grill & Cocktails, a new SF-backed watering hole with suitably strong cocktails, pinball and fried chicken by the bucket, now open just across the Bay Bridge.

Think of this cozy, modern roadhouse brought to you by the people behind the Beach Chalet as the happy medium between you and your pals living in Oakland—or just a good layover on your way to Pixar HQ.

When you step inside, you’ll first encounter the honor wall—a collection of vinyl records, plastic fish, cigar signs and hula dolls, which are all up for grabs so long as you replace what you take with something of equal or cooler value. (We’re not entirely sure if anything can trump that Lionel Richie record.)

To start, grab a few ice-cold beers from the metal tub by the door to tide you over until you can make your way to the racetrack-shaped bar that for some reason is sided with black shag.

Of course, the beer bucket is based on the honor system too, so once you’re ready to order a cocktail (try the absinthe-laced Black Sabbath) and some fried chicken, just mention that you helped yourself earlier.

Go ahead and give yourself a tip.

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