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Strong Cocktails and Small Plates in the Lower Haight

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Nobody tells you your business.

Unless it’s the business of pairing duck sliders with rum cocktails.

Then you’re all ears.

Introducing Maven, a bi-level sanctuary of cocktailing with a ready-made menu that pairs a drink and a beer or wine with each small plate, opening Wednesday in the Lower Haight.

When you’re looking to have a booze-to-food ratio stacked heavily in your favor (like two drinks for every plate), you’ll walk in here, take a stool at the redwood bar, gaze upon the expertly overgrown foliage behind said bar and hone in on a cocktail from the 10-deep list.

The three-columned menu is designed to be paired by row, so if you choose a cocktail from the left column—say the rum/five-spice 5 Spot—you’ll find the suggested food pairing (Chinatown Duck Sliders) next to it. Or if you’d prefer beer or wine with your sliders instead of cocktails, look to the right-hand side of the menu (Maudite red ale goes with those sliders).

If you’re coming with a date (and you should), the upstairs mezzanine will serve as a little hideaway. Here, you’ll slide into a fireside sofa, opt for the simpler bites menu, and go the oysters and bubbly route.

Dating rule #62: When in doubt, find a fireplace.


598 Haight St
(at Steiner)
San Francisco, CA, 94117


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