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The Next Great Happy Hour Spot in FiDi

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Every productive workplace needs three things:

A well-stocked bar. A convertible pool table. Mini lasagnas.

Or at least proximity to these things.

Introducing Per Diem, a dapper bi-level bar and restaurant located in the heart of FiDi, opening Friday in the Chancery Building.

Brought to you by the guys behind the Brick Yard, this is meant to be a restaurant first, but we’d say the bar takes center stage. Which happens to work just fine for you.

Drop in for happy hour or lunch, and you’ll feel like you’re in the den of your well-traveled, slightly eclectic buddy in Nantucket. There’s a ton of exposed brick and beams, massive white columns salvaged from Bali, a chandelier in a glass box and a vintage 31-star American flag (sorry, Minnesota).

Your power lunching will take place in classic wingback chairs at a table upstairs, away from distractions (aside from the convertible pool table and Blue Chip Martinis). But the marble bar, by the antique water heater turned beer tap, is where you’ll set up after work for a shot of bourbon with a Trumer chaser, known as the Standard & Poor’s.

Forget the name and focus on the booze...


Per Diem
43 Sutter St
(at Sansome)
San Francisco, CA, 94104


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