Thrill Jockey

Your New Kentucky Home near DePaul

None The pageantry. The sportsmanship. The history. The mint juleps.

Yes, your soap box derbies were legendary. So you’ll be happy that someone else has picked up the torch.

Get ready for Derby, a new DePaul-area pub with a yen for the sporting life and Southern-fried hospitality, slated to debut Friday in what was once Charlie’s on Webster.

The whole horse-racing thing is mostly just a motif. You’ll see some tasteful lawn jockeys scattered about—but for the most part, your horse-race viewing will be confined to watching the Kentucky Derby come spring. The real action: the occasional pinewood derby race they’ll be hosting down the line.

The other important things you’ll find: a giant turn-of-the-century, hand-carved Brunswick bar turning out icy mint juleps (of course), but also something for the hometown crowd: the Arlington—bourbon, maple syrup and grapefruit juice.

Charlie’s onetime beer garden is now an enclosed, year-round room with high ceilings, diamond-tufted banquettes and plenty of televisions. It’s a good neighborhood gathering spot for a menu that’s loaded with bourbon-infused, bacon-wrapped jalapeño hush puppies, bourbon-braised brisket sandwiches, and the centerpiece, their take on the Kentucky Hot Brown—a skillet of open-faced turkey, ham and bacon smothered in gouda.

For dessert, you’ll be tempted by a deep-fried Twinkie, which you’ll want to have before any important pinewood derby races.

It’s how the pros stay in top form.


1224 W Webster Ave
(at Magnolia)
Chicago, IL, 60614

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