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Introducing Your Anti-Resolutions

There are just a few days left to undo every single one of your resolutions from last year. Before pretending to start the new ones for 2012. Behold: a few ways to send 2011 out with a bang.

Going Anti-Sideways at Prezza

Going Anti-<em>Sideways</em> at Prezza

If your idea of relaxation is a bottle of red and a good meal, here’s the next step: the incredibly rare 1982 Château Pétrus, aka “the greatest example of merlot in the world,” available by the bottle at Prezza. Go ahead, drink it out of a Styrofoam cup. It’s yours.

$3,900, available at Prezza, 24 Fleet St, 617-227-1577    

Staying in the Ultimate Red Sox Room

Staying in the Ultimate Red Sox Room

The Sox in 2011: painful. The remedy: a luxe baseball suite at Hotel Commonwealth, complete with Sox decor, a 50-inch plasma and actual ballpark seats. Plus: a personalized brick laid in Fenway, a private tour of the stadium and Green Monster tickets to a game. No fried chicken, though.

$1,495, available at Hotel Commonwealth, 500 Commonwealth Ave, reserve at 617-933-5000    

Celebrating Flapjacks. And John Candy.

Celebrating Flapjacks. And John Candy.

You’ll go low-carb in 2012. But while it’s still 2011, hit the Uncle Buck Pancake Challenge at Mass Ave Tavern. It involves you, a six-pound platter of pancakes and your picture on the wall if you finish. Bonus: it’s free if you do it in an hour. Which you won’t.

$19, available at Mass Ave Tavern, 94 Massachusetts Ave, 617-927-4900    

Renting Your Own Private Ski Mountain

Renting Your Own Private Ski Mountain

If your Q4 2011 personal fun money still needs spending, here’s how to blow it creatively: rent a ski mountain. Like, say, the Camden Snow Bowl in Maine, where you and 250 friends will get lift tickets and private access all day. Three words: naked snow angels.

Starting at $5,000, available through Liftopia

Fried Animal Skins. Prosciutto. Fondue.

Fried Animal Skins. Prosciutto. Fondue.

There’ll be time for dieting in 2012. Until then, go full glutton with this new late-night offering at the Rattlesnake. Which is: a platter of fried prosciutto, chicken skins, turkey skins and candied pork belly with fried potato chips. Served with cheese fondue dipping sauce. And a pair of defibrillators.

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