Soy Toy?

Your Next Dinner Party Blowout

We've been thinking about your last dinner party... It was fun. The soup was delicious. But something was missing.

Which is why when we heard about Hirosaki Koko, the new caterer doing parties around town, we were intrigued. And immediately it was time for another go around.

You see, Koko's catering firm, Sushi Models, is all about the art of presentation—specifically the sacred lost Japanese art of Nyotaimori. Or put yet another way, naked sushi. Of course the art hasn't totally been lost on you. But as Koko was doing a few commercial gigs around town, it dawned on us that this could be so much more, especially since it's the first time you've had this much control over the whole show. And we started thinking about the week's dinner party with the Feldmans, the office luncheon in conference room 38B, your upstairs neighbor's roofdeck—perhaps if you're feeling flashy, the communal table at Buddakan (yeah, they'll also do Chinese-food models).

But truly, Koko's a saint. She'll sit with you for hours as you debate the possibilities—decisions about whether you should go for the wild kampachi or the fresh unagi, whether you should take the Chiyonosono "Sacred Power" sake or the Ginga Shizuku "Divine Droplets," and of course whether that goes best with Jennifer, Eunice or Dani.

Or, all three...

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