What a ’Loon

Somerville’s New Old-Timey Bar

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Boardwalk Empire’s second season. Dunzo.

So the time feels right to move away from Prohibition.

And talk pre-Prohibition...

Tip your hat hello to Saloon, the oldest-feeling new watering hole in Davis Square, for those times when your liver says, “Brown alcohol. Now.” It’s slated to soft-open on Tuesday.

To grasp what you’ll experience here, paint this in your mind: you’ve just purchased a time machine à la Quantum Leap (gotta love flea markets). You set the dial to the early 1900s. A “whoosh” sound. Suddenly, you’re walking down a flight of stairs, past some Chesterfield sofas, and you come to a beautiful hand-carved English monastery door.

You’ll open it, step under the 19th-century Tiffany chandeliers and slide into a deep red leather banquette. There, you and a well-tailored crew of friends will start with 10% ABV Belgian beers, ample bourbon or a housemade Pork Belly Rye Whiskey. Not to mention endless rounds of charcuterie served on big wooden slabs, traditional pub-y Ploughman’s Platters and classic meat pies.

About those pies: they’ll change regularly (first one: steak and kidney), highlighting different meat pies common in saloons of the early 20th century.

Nothing coats the stomach during a big night out like pie crust.

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