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A Sexy Spanish Date Spot in Cambridge

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It’s crunch time.

Parties. Shopping. Charity galas. A little bit of work. That’s all that’s left of your 2011.

Oh, and maybe a first date or two.

In a slam-dunk-ish Spanish temple to sangria and sexiness...

Take your first look at Kika Tapas, a date-worthy spot for all things Spain (yes, that includes four types of sangria), opening Monday in Cambridge from the people behind Tapeo in the Back Bay.

Think of this as a Pedro Almodóvar film in tapas-bar form. Right down to the Almodóvar collage by the door, the retro ’70s style (deep, leathery booths; letter-pattern chairs; the occasional giant woman’s leg) and the waitresses who look exactly like Penélope Cruz (note: this last part is untrue, but a nice thought).

So picture it: it’s Monday. You’re supposed to do something with that saucy BU grad student from Madrid you met via Zoosk. You’ll get out of work (okay, the gym) and meet her here, where you’ll proceed to split a pitcher of Sangria Royal (red sangria with cava and Grand Marnier) and play get-to-know-each-other over endless tapas. Think: sizzling garlic shrimp, your beloved jamón serrano or even some crusty Brazilian cheese bread.

It’s not a date unless cheese bread enters the scene.

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