Southern Promises

The Brazilian Countryside in Hell’s Kitchen

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It’s primarily known for three things: beautiful people, pitiless grooming procedures and a proud tradition of maple syrup caipirinhas.

Today, we bring you two of the three...

Introducing Brasilina, a quiet, cocktail-intensive patch of the South American countryside, helpfully transplanted into Hell’s Kitchen, now open.

This is one of those seductively rustic spots that comes in handy for unexpected after-work dates. That means weathered, untreated wood, open rafters in the ceiling and country-style Brazilian food—like the off-menu cheese-stuffed pumpkins and a powerfully spicy jalapeño Bloody Mary. (We’ll assume that’s a delicacy in São Luís.)

It’s run by a genuine Brazilian family: the dad works the register while the kids work the bar, which should be enough to charm your date. And if you want to do more than charm, ask for the two-top next to the fireplace, which should give you both a little help shaking off any wintriness that might be outside.

A Bloody Mary also helps in that department.

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