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Learning Rowing from a Navy Pilot

None Let’s talk about the World Indoor Rowing Championships.

And about how: a) anyone can enter, and b) they’re only 81 days away.

In other words: it’s time to get to work. With the help of a former Navy pilot. And a fancy rowing machine. In Brighton.

Presenting Intro to ERGing, a three-month plummet into the world of crew via machinery used by Olympic rowers, accepting sign-ups for December now.

Sure, your body is carved from wood. Your back muscles: they have back muscles. But even your Winklevoss-ian physique loses its Winklevoss-ness without some upkeep (note: this will in no way lead to a massive Facebook settlement).

So try this: sign up, then head to the Community Rowing Boathouse in Brighton to meet the instructor. About him: he’s an avid rower, as well as an ex-Navy chopper commander who flew submarine-hunting missions à la The Hunt for Red October before later becoming a Boston stockbroker (no, he can’t give you market tips).

You’ll meet the ERG (aka a high-tech indoor rowing machine), learn how the display works and go over the basics of the rowing stroke. Then, you’ll do a few pace sessions, and before long, you’ll be getting barked at through a megaphone while everything from the Kooks to alternative Eastern European music plays.

Basically the “Eye of the Tiger” for rowing.


Intro to ERGing
at the Community Rowing Boathouse
20 Nonantum Rd
Brighton, MA, 02135

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