Things to do for November 23, 2011

The Weekender

S’mores, Golf and Other Post-Turkey Essentials

The weekend will be in its experimental mashed potato lab.

Thanksgiving with Michel Richard

Thanksgiving with Michel Richard

If you find yourself without a Thanksgiving table, you could do worse than Michel Richard’s. Citronelle is rolling out a buffet of about 40 dishes (almost half of them desserts), from the traditional (turkey, deviled eggs) to the less so (bacon brussels sprouts, halibut with saffron sauce). Deviled eggs go great with gravy.

Black Friday Sales. And S’mores.

Black Friday Sales. And S’mores.

You’ll need a little luck at Rue 14’s Black Friday sale, because they’ll have you reach into a fishbowl and pull out discounts from 15% to 40% on jeans, shirts and jackets. Even if you don’t hit it big, you can still grab winter cocktails and s’mores. Ah, the healing power of marshmallow.

Nov 25, 10am-9pm, Rue 14, 1803A 14th St NW, 202-462-6200

Lots of Winter Stew at Et Voila

Lots of Winter Stew at Et Voila

Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of moving parts. For your other meals, you might just want something simpler. Stew, for instance, now in four varieties at the tiny Belgian dining room, like beef stew simmered in dark beer and venison stew with cabbage and chestnuts. They’ll even throw in a spoon.

Available now, Et Voila, 5120 MacArthur Blvd NW, 202-237-2300

Rifling Through a Closing Golf Store

Rifling Through a Closing Golf Store

Drilling Tennis & Golf, the venerable downtown club and racquet shop, is closing its doors by the end of the year, and everything is already discounted up to 50%, from tennis balls to a replacement for the 3-wood you snapped in half. You’ll be ready when the Country Club Olympics come around.

A Baker’s Dozen of Gratis Italian Beers

A Baker’s Dozen of Gratis Italian Beers

After spending a weekend with classic American fare, you’ll want to go international. As long as it still involves beer. Specifically, 13 Italian craft beers, from IPAs to cocoa stouts, available now at Acqua Al 2. And for four days, they’re doing free tastings at the bar. You’re still giving thanks.

Nov 28-Dec 1, Acqua Al 2, 212 7th St SE, 202-525-4375

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