The Anthem

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The Anthem, by the Numbers

After lots of hype, Division Street’s new sports bar, The Anthem, finally opened this weekend. Here’s a tally of how it fared during its first Bears game.

0: Seats available by the second quarter.
6: Number of TVs.
1: Number of TVs roughly the size of a wall.
’78-’81: Approximate dates the gym lockers behind the bar were used.
1891-96: Approximate years the American flag above the bar was used.
19: Number of items described as “Things” on the menu.
2: Number of “Things” prepared Shake ’n Bake–style.
$5: Cost of Cheese Doodles, cheese-coated pork rinds.
80-85 dB: Average decibel level in bar.
95-100 dB: Decibel level after Johnny Knox’s touchdown.
34: Number of beers available.
1: Number of Bloody Marys named the Hail Mary.
0: Number of actual Hail Marys thrown during last night’s game.
5: Length of current Bears win streak.
2: Possible number of bones to break in thumb.
26: Number of years since 1985.

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