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It’s a big week.

Pretty soon, your home will begin filling up with family and “friends.”

So you’re gonna need a place to hide. Preferably with scotch that hasn’t been made since the ’70s.

Which brings us to The Hawthorne, resident bar god Jackson Cannon’s first full cocktail domicile, opening tonight in the old Foundation Lounge under Hotel Commonwealth for your “I need to get away from these relatives” days to come.

This place feels a little like Paul Newman’s pad circa 1975: tasteful (some nice art), accommodating (zebra chairs) and armed with enough bar power to keep a Hefner-ian party happy (in other words, your apartment... only not your apartment).

You’ll want to grab a few buddies and survey the crowd over a Reuben sandwich made with barrel-aged sauerkraut (no one rocks kraut breath like you). And a little something from the rare-spirits list curated by Jackson—we recommend going straight for the single-cask Balvenie scotch from 1976, no longer in production. (Yes, you can refer to it as the spirit of ’76.)

And if/when your drinking club expands, you’ll want to retire to the back room, where your own bartender will use vintage barware to whip up some Coltivatores (ale, rhubarb and Averna) and some gin-heavy Hanky Pankys.

Call it “foreshadowing.”


The Hawthorne
under Hotel Commonwealth
500A Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA, 02215


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