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A Rustic New Salon on Oak Lawn

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Hey there. Happy Friday.

We can’t help but notice you have a lot coming up: Turkey Day with the family. An endless parade of holiday soirees. Strategy sessions around mistletoe placement at said soirees.

And if there’s one thing that’ll get you through it all, it’s some good whiskey. But a haircut wouldn’t hurt, either...

Which brings us to Hair by Charlie, a new den of handsomeness in the Design District, now open.

This place looks like the offspring of a whirlwind night of passion between a hunting lodge and a hair salon. A calfskin rug. Antlers on the wall. Face cream. (So much face cream.)

Here’s how it’ll work: you’ll come in, slide into a leather chair and order up a glass of scotch or champagne. (It is bubbly season, after all.) As you lean back and prepare for your shave, you’ll find yourself talking about everything from football to your deepest and darkest secrets—rest assured, your 1993 bowl cut won’t be mentioned outside these walls.

Oh, and about the person standing above you with scissors: that’s Charlie. He’s a hair-chopping expert who snipped hair for Billy Reid’s models at NYC’s fashion week.

So the standard training program for your team of hair managers.


Hair by Charlie
1621 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX, 75207


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