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A New Ice Rink at the Venetian

The holidays: perfect time to visit Vegas.

Elvis impersonators in Santa costumes. Showgirls dressed like Santa’s helpers. And little people in various states of decking the halls.

If only there were a festively lit ice skating rink to add even more authenticity to the desert...

Introducing the Ice Skating Rink at the Venetian, the largest place to practice your triple toe loop on the Strip, opening Monday for the holiday season.

You’ve probably never spun figure eights on an outdoor rink while gondolas cruised past (we said probably). But hey, they’re recreating winter in Venice here—use your imagination (it gets easier after a few eggnogs).

So when you need to stretch your legs after an 11-hour blackjack bender—or relive your brief stint as an Ice Capades understudy—buy tickets for 30 minutes of rink time. Order The Godfather—scotch and amaretto—from one of the rink-side bar kiosks before they give you your skates. And since the surface is artificial (there’ve been major scientific advances in ice-like polycarbonates), you won’t have to worry about gloves. Or ice shavings in your pants.

And when you decide to gather your suitemates to practice the Flying V, you might want to consider waiting until after sunset—there’s a five-times-nightly holiday-themed light show that’ll distract the other people on the rink.

Wouldn’t want to stoke any NHL expansion rumors.


Ice Skating Rink
at The Venetian
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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