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Hi there. Happy Halloween.

Tonight, go nuts. Spill a little whiskey on your cape/scorpion jacket/Black Swan feathers. (We won’t ask.)

Just remember, when you come back, there’s a 2,000-pound bathtub waiting for you...

Presenting Studio Allegra, a Wynwood warehouse full of the same giant furniture that’s in the Viceroy, now open for your perusal.

If the Flintstones had a furniture shop—and were giants—it might look like this. It’s where you’ll come when you want to add that extra foyer to your regular foyer—and no ordinary-sized stone water fountain would do.

You’ll start by meeting Allegra herself—a woman who spends her time in places like Bali and Sumatra, picking out boulders and redwood-type trees for future creations. You’ll recognize the oversized, over-the-top style from your last stay at the Viceroy and the Forge—or from the last time you were at Cameron Diaz’s place. (Allegra outfitted her pad.)

She’ll guide you through her wares: rock sinks hanging from the ceiling, hefty side tables with exposed wood and melted Coke bottles and bird’s nest chairs at a dining set. And the main attraction: a 2,000-pound bathtub, hand-carved out of a boulder by a guy in Indonesia.

Snorkel gear not included.


Studio Allegra
150 NW 124th St
Miami, FL, 33127


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