The Bank

The Bank Job

Downtown’s Newest Club. It’s in a Bank.

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We’re not calling this a heist.

But we need you to go into a bank, step smartly into the vault and retrieve something extraordinarily valuable:

Your first martini of the night.

Welcome to The Bank, a new den of dancing inside an old financial institution, opening tomorrow night with a Prohibition-themed Halloween blowout.

You’ll enter the historic Dade Commonwealth Building and notice marble walls, ornate Roman columns and soaring vaulted ceilings, sort of like Liberace channeling Boardwalk Empire. Once inside, you’ll have your choice of four distinct areas, all of which take you back to another era.

Start in Gallery 139, an art space that acts as a foyer leading you into the Vault Room, the main bar area, where you’ll find the 90-year-old safe, which also doubles as a VIP room (naturally). If you’re here with friends, the Lotus Garden outdoors is a good spot to land for the night, with punch bowl service and plenty of room to spread out.

On nights when you want to get to know your date in more of a seedy-underbelly-type atmosphere (and really, it’s a rare night you don’t want to), there’s the Capone Room, an upstairs jazz lounge with a speakeasy feel and a substantial stock of brandy behind the bar.

In other words, just like your last meeting with your financial adviser.

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