Morning Glory

The Best Power Breakfast Spots in the City

This time of year, the morning carries with it a certain magic (it also comes earlier). And since business must sometimes be conducted in the wee hours of the day, finding an appropriate venue is paramount. Thus, allow us to present the best spots for power breakfasting around the Hub.

Locking Up Contracts. In an Alcove.

Locking Up Contracts. In an Alcove.

Venue: Met Back Bay
Key Seat: A plush-backed table in the alcove booth on the second floor.
What You’ll Be Eating: Two fried eggs, Vermont cheddar, country ham, tomato and bacon on an English muffin (aka Met McMuffin). Espresso.
Type of Business: The kind involving you, one of your marquee blue-chip clients, a contract and a pen.

Settling Matters. With Egg Whites.

Settling Matters. With Egg Whites.

Venue: Eastern Standard
Key Seat: Table 114 in the Boardwalk Empire-ish Ann Corio Lounge.
What You’ll Be Eating: Egg white frittata with market vegetables. Protein = energy for intimidation.
Type of Business: New business meet and greets, negotiating the terms of future deals, or just squashing beefs between rival gangs, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sending NBA Players to China

Sending NBA Players to China

Venue: Fóumami
Key Seat: Anywhere with your back to the white-on-white Chinese lettering (gets the client in a Zen mood).
What You’ll Be Eating: A bacon-and-egg sandwich on a fresh scallion pancake.
Type of Business: When you’re working out the yuan needed to send Rondo over to Beijing for a month.

Fóumami, 225 Franklin St, 617-426-8858

Developing Your Startup Idea

Developing Your Startup Idea

Venue: Mike’s City Diner
Key Seat: At the counter.
What You’ll Be Eating: Mike’s Special: ham carved off the bone, two eggs, home fries, grits and toast. Black coffee.
Type of Business: 6am strategy session to iron out the details of the startup idea hatched the previous night over bourbon. This could be the next Slap Chop.

Intelligence-Trading Over Pastries

Intelligence-Trading Over Pastries

Venue: Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Boston Common
Key Seat: Right on the steps (give it a wipe first).
What You’ll Be Eating: A scone from the Thinking Cup café on Tremont. Coffee.
Type of Business: Political cloak-and-dagger information gathering with a high-level informant (something to do with Blackwater), á la Kevin Costner and Donald Sutherland in JFK.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Boston Common

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