Roped In

Greasing Palms with Your Phone

None You and the bouncers at this town’s finer establishments have developed a certain level of mutual respect over the years. As such, velvet ropes have a way of falling at your very presence.

Just one problem: not everyone’s you. And this weekend, you may not even be you. You may be zombie you. Things can get confusing.

So now there’s this: Jump Rope, an app allowing you to bypass velvet ropes by using a very modern development in the world of nightclubbing. Yes, it’s called money.

Okay, sure, greasing palms at front doors has happened since the beginning of time. (Disco caves: notoriously tough.) This merely streamlines the process.

So before you go out this weekend, download the app and register your name and credit card. Then you can pick the club you’d like to go to—right now the list of participating spots is small but respectable. The amount you pony up depends, as you might have guessed, on the night of the week and the place. Clubs can raise or lower the price at will.

But once you hit buy, you’re as good as in. Just show the doorman the confirmation on your phone. No hassle using secret handshakes and code words to convince the bruiser in front of, say, Tzar that it’s really you.

Because we hear a lot of people are going as you this year.

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