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Burgers. Tater Tots. Donnie Wahlberg.

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We have to give you credit.

You always thought there’d be a Wahlberg burger shop in the area. And people always said you were crazy.

It’s time to say, “I told you so.”

Presenting Wahlburgers, your new 120-seat house of straightforward Wahlberg-ian burger adoration, opening tomorrow in Hingham.

Sure, the concept of beseeching Mark or Donnie Wahlberg for a triple-decker burger would understandably raise eyebrows (although after Band of Brothers, Donnie can do no wrong in our book). But consider this: the operation itself is being helmed by their brother Paul, a chef who has served you well in Hingham before.

So the next time you’re taking your sailboat for a ride (and by sailboat we also mean car) and you get the urge for a BBQ Bacon Burger or a Thanksgiving Burger (packed with turkey, stuffing, squash and cranberry sauce), you’ll dock at the Hingham Shipyard, beeline it in here and belly up to the bar.

While you call for tater tots and hot dogs (go for the Stray Dog with sriracha and smoked tomato salsa), you’ll wash down your memories of the Wahlbergs (heightened by a few oversized pictures of the brothers) with a made-to-order adult frappe.

And possibly the Funky Bunch.

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