Uncle Buck Pancakes

Buck Wild

Eating Six Pounds of Pancakes

None John Candy.

We miss you, big guy. Your ’80s comedy dominance has left seismic ripples that still touch our funny bone to this day.

Our favorite: Uncle Buck. Our favorite scene: the one with the pancakes.

And now, one local spot has paid homage to its legacy...

Introducing Uncle Buck Pancakes, essentially six pounds of flapjacks, butter and syrup, available starting this weekend at Mass Ave Tavern.

You’ll recall the scene in Uncle Buck where the big guy uses a snow shovel to create some table-sized pancakes (which we tried once... no bueno). These are like that, only slightly less ridiculous (and less Macaulay Culkin-y). But no less awesome.

Upon ordering them, you’ll sign a waiver, basically saying you’re doing this of your own free will, in case your body goes into pancake shock while consuming. A few minutes later, a server will approach you with five 14-inch-in-diameter pancakes smothered with butter and maple syrup. Total weight: six pounds. Which should leave just enough room for the available sides of bacon and fried eggs (go ahead, this is your cheat day).

Should you finish the pancakes within an hour, the whole thing is free. Plus, they’ll give you an Uncle Buck–style bomber hat and place your picture on the honorary Uncle Buck wall of fame.

This is your Cooperstown.


Uncle Buck Pancakes
available at Mass Ave Tavern
94 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA, 02115

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