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Your shopping list tends to be a little unconventional.

Some cigar boxes. A vintage beach cruiser. A fourth-century German sword.

Well, we know of a place where you can find all three.

Meet DFW M’Antiques, an antique shop for men (in case the name didn’t spell it out for you), now open in Bishop Arts.

First things first: have some bourbon. Then say hello to the guy behind this—an antiques-dealing vet named Compton (seriously). Maybe pet the store dog (Olivia) and take a look around—the vibe here is very abandoned garage by way of Indiana Jones’s attic.

On display: a locker filled with WWII flank jackets here, a pinball machine from 1968 there. You’ll probably notice the mannequin outfitted in a Confederate soldier uniform (things like that have a way of standing out), sitting next to a 1940s baseball glove. (Which is perfect for your zombie Ted Williams costume.) But you’re probably wondering about that aforementioned sword. It’s a Seax (short sword) that’s owned by a local collector/archaeologist, and it’ll set you back around $1,000.

It’ll look great in your bathroom.


DFW M’Antiques
424 W Davis St
Dallas, TX, 75208


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