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A Champagne-Fueled Day Party Showdown

You tend to lose track of time in Vegas, so let us help. It’s daytime, and you will be partying. First, this weekend, LAVO brings its infamous NYC brunch to Vegas; then, next week, Ghostbar starts its rooftop Dayclub. So here, a head-to-head matchup between LAVO Champagne Brunch and Ghostbar Dayclub. And remember, there are no pools, but there may be bikini tops...

LAVO: Terrace mingling; white tablecloths; Italian accents; ABBA remixes; shade.
GBDC: Rooftop dancing; confetti showers; people wearing furry mascot heads; sun.
Edge: GBDC. Though a good ABBA remix is hard to find.

LAVO: Russian oligarchs (and their svelte girlfriends), East Coasters and the “unafraid to wear white after Labor Day” crowd.
GBDC: Corn-fed Playmate-types, Los Angelinos and people who look best in... neon.
Edge: Push. You look great in both white and neon.

LAVO: Breakfast pizza, white polenta pancakes and four-figure double magnums of champagne.
GBDC: Libations from the mixologist-helmed champagne bar—and whatever happens to be inside those piñatas.
Edge: LAVO. Man cannot subsist on mimosas and Sweet Tarts alone.

LAVO: Champagne fights, banquette dance-offs and oyster-eating contests at the raw bar.
GBDC: Piñata smashing, sunning and, from the looks of it, rousing games of pin the tail on the donkey.
Edge: GBDC. Blindfolded party games are the new champagne shower.

LAVO: After a night of high-stakes backroom poker dealings—splash around the spoils.
GBDC: Before a little night swimming. You have to get pool time in at some point.
Edge: Push. It’s not like you can’t do both.

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