Club Spring Mountain Motorsports Country Club

Fast Times

Your High-Performance Driving Club

Sometimes not even Vegas can provide the right adrenaline rush. 

Especially if you're trying to open up the engines—the literal engines—within city limits.

But don't worry, we've found a place for you to turn (and turn...and turn): Club Spring Mountain Motorsports Country Club, a mere 60 miles outside the city in Pahrump.

Essentially, it's a private country club, except it's in the Mojave rather than the 'burbs, and it's for enthusiasts of speed, not golf. The crown jewel of the newly renovated 193-acre facility is a 3.5-mile road course with 20 white-knuckle turns. Steer your own high-performance vehicle around it, or choose from autos like a C6-Z51 Corvette, a Lotus Elise or a Formula One-esque Radical SR3 Tracksport. 

In case you need a little help finding your Earnhardt-ness, there are three onsite driving schools that anyone—members or guests—can enroll in; or you can ease onto the fast lane in an Italian-made go-kart, which still tops out at a face-tugging 80mph. 

While you're here, earn your pilot's license in a two-seat Remo G-30 puddle jumper, taking off and landing on the club's private airstrip. 

And soon you'll have access to condos, helipads, a spa, hotel, casino, business center...even a few racing simulators. Although with the real thing waiting just steps away, we assume you won't bother. 

You wouldn't want to make your Lotus jealous.


Club Spring Mountain Motorsports Country Club
3601 S. Highway 160
Pahrump, NV, 89061

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