The Dating Games

High-Adrenaline Dating

The fisherman’s tales. The feats of physical prowess. The ziplines. First dates can be fun... Here, our guide to the adreniline-packed date. Also, since it’s never technically a date without drinks, we’ve conveniently located the nearest watering holes for your post-exertion reinvigoration (and for whispering sweet nothings).

Sportfishing in Sausalito

Sportfishing in Sausalito

The Challenge: Hopping aboard a sportfishing boat and tacking 25 knots/hour toward the deep blue sea, where you’ll be expected to reel in a few whoppers by day’s end.
The Risk: The off chance you haven’t recently tested your sea legs...
The Reward: A sustainable seafood landmark by the name of Fish. Everything’s grilled over a wood fire—except for the vino.

Hiking Mount Tam for Beer

Hiking Mount Tam for Beer

The Challenge: Hiking up Mount Tamalpais—for roughly 20 minutes—in search of a hidden German beer hall.
The Risk: Taking the wrong trail and doubling your hike time. (You’re heading to the Sun Trail by way of Dipsea.)
The Reward: The distinct honor of throwing back pints in a near-mythical establishment—only open on weekends from 2 to 6pm—known as the Tourist Club.

Sea-Kayaking in Tomales Bay

Sea-Kayaking in Tomales Bay

The Challenge: Man vs. the sea. (With date in tow.)
The Risk: We’ll repeat: man vs. sea. (Though a reason to “get out of those wet clothes” wouldn’t be so bad...)
The Reward: The Marshall Store, a little oyster shack hanging over the water—it’s on the pier—you can paddle up to. Order up your bivalves raw, baked or Rockefeller.

Ziplining over the Embarcadero

Ziplining over the Embarcadero

The Challenge: Extreme when it comes to novelty—it’s a short ride and the danger is briefly palpable, but just think: you’re ziplining in the city.
The Risk: Your dinner jacket gets a wrinkle on dismount.
The Reward: Head directly to the Plant Cafe Organic, make your way to the greenhouse-like bar area and get started with some Honeycomb Coladas. If only they’d just extend the zipline there.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding at Crissy Field

Stand-Up Paddleboarding at Crissy Field

The Challenge: To stay standing while paddling—and conversing.
The Risk: This stretch of coast is widely popular with the windsurfing set, thanks to its stiff breezes and choppy water. (Pick up a wetsuit along with your board.)
The Reward: Whiling away the remaining afternoon hours in the open-air courtyard of gastro-tavern Tipsy Pig, enjoying the company of your date, a Sazerac and Chimay-braised pulled-pork sliders.

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