The Waffler

Zinneken’s, by the Numbers

None So we heard that a new Belgian waffle house had opened in Harvard Square. And we decided an investigation was needed. The kind that required a list. A list with words, numbers and universal truths (or at least an Oreo quotient or two). Behold, Harvard Square’s new waffle emporium, Zinneken’s, presented here with just the facts...

Signature waffles: 10
Price of each: $4.70
Time it will take you to eat one: 2.5 minutes
Make-your-own-waffle toppings to choose from, including whipped cream, strawberries and Belgian chocolate: 13
Possible combinations of three-topping waffles: 120
Number of caramelizing sugar pearls added to the dough of each waffle: 30
Old-school waffle makers on the walls: 2
Black-and-white photos of Belgium on the walls: 10
iPad cash registers on the counter: 1
Harvard brains running the joint: 2
Number of waffles served per day: 300
Visitors during last Friday’s opening: 750
Amount of time it takes to cook your waffle: 4 minutes
Number of Oreos crushed on the Oreo Freakin’ Party waffle: 2
Chances of finding another waffle house with a Vietnamese-Belgian owner whose mother holds a Michelin star: 1:5 trillion


1154 Massachusetts Ave
(in Harvard Square)
Cambridge, MA, 02138

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