Break On Thru

New sports drink for athletic and alcoholic recovery

Athletically, you spend hours drenched in sweat—in the gym, on the court or just thinking about going to the gym. Alcoholically, you dehydrate yourself with the high-impact regimen of New York nightlife, ending in mornings when even crawling to the aspirin hurts. Breakthru is a new drink for athletes, alkies, and straight up tired-asses that promotes speedy "hydration and recovery." Unlike Gatorade, it's all natural—has no sugar, only 44 calories and 40 nutrients that quickly absorb and give you enduring energy (not just a short burst).

It's a protein shake that tastes like a chuggable Flintstone vitamin, and had us bounce back from our "perfect storm" situation—hangover/flu/workout—better than Gatorade or water (or our "hair of the dog" scotch on the rocks).

Breakthru has been a secret of NYC hockey players who love Friday night partying before Saturday morning games and will be distributed at the upcoming NYC Triathlon (for now, it's only available on the web).

We all swear we'll start drinking less and working out more, but until then maybe we can still have our bars by night and our barbells by day.

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