The Lost Art of Being a Gentleman

Stay Classy

The Lost Art of Being a Gentleman

To stay on top of the game, well, you have to keep playing it.

So even the most esteemed arbiter of style could use a refresher now and then. Registration is now open for The Lost Art of Being a Gentleman, a new series of classes brought to you by the natty proprietor of Jake Vintage in Los Feliz.

Going by the name Jonathan H. Kanarek, he should meet your criteria for a qualified instructor—among his many sartorial accomplishments, he was shortlisted by Esquire last year as one of the top five best-dressed men in the country. (Luckily for him, you just missed the submission deadline.)

So despite current LA trends, he won't be advising you on the perfectly shredded jean or the artfully plunging V-neck. Expect instead to pour some gin and start with the basics in class one—The Rules of Proper Dress, addressing (among other things) correct fit from head to toe—and progress in subsequent sessions to topics like etiquette and grooming, all with midcentury icons like Sinatra and Stewart in mind.

So you can once again prove they do make 'em like they used to.


The Lost Art of Being a Gentleman
4644 Hollywood Blvd
(E. of Vermont)
Little Armenia
Los Feliz, CA, 90027

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