R+D Kitchen

The Fourth Wall

Outdoor Dining Inside in Santa Monica

To truly understand what's before you, you must look past the façade.

Of course, it's easier when there's no façade at all—welcome to the new R+D Kitchen, a casual Santa Monica pub-style enclave that, on its better days, will be missing its front wall entirely.

Like the living room in an old sitcom, the three perfectly good walls here encase a breezy place to drop in and hang out while she's getting her Montana Avenue shopping done—or bring her, if she's the kind of girl who prefers your company over a beer and a really tall, really messy cheeseburger. Take a seat at the front of the L-shaped counter to chat up the bar crowd, a street-side table if you want to mingle with the passing pedestrians…or at a booth behind the central indoor tree, if you'd rather get that outdoorsy feeling a bit further inside.

The burger is of the classic variety—no purple mustard here—or you might go for a martini and the Prime Top Sirloin with Sharp Cheddar if you're feeling more fork-and-knife.

In meat as in life, it's what's inside that counts.


R+D Kitchen
1323 Montana Ave
(between Euclid and 14th)
Santa Monica
Santa Monica, CA, 90403

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