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Truck Hoods and Local Beers in Kendall

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Trucks from the ’80s.

No frills. Just solid construction. Sturdy. Reliable. Steel.

And as it turns out, their hoods make for some pretty great tables to eat on.

Behold: Firebrand Saints, a new industrial-chic house of local beers and evolving art to hit up while in Kendall Square, soft-open now.

The big draw here is the interior. Think: chairs made from recycled Coke bottles. Tables constructed from old 1980s truck hoods (Ford, GMC, perhaps the rogue Mazda). A bar made from the wood of a 130-year-old New England barn that fell during a hurricane (not Irene). Even a wall devoted to a light-based Etch A Sketch thing that recreates interesting Google street views (no shaking required).

As for food: it’ll change daily, offering you everything from porchetta sandwiches using pigs sourced from Vermont to whole cage-free chickens roasted in a French rotisserie. All of which will go well with a few cold local drafts (Pretty Things, Notch) or one of the made-from-scratch, old-timey bourbon milkshakes, followed by a liquored-up banana split.

Other way around works, too.


Firebrand Saints
1 Broadway
Cambridge, MA, 02142


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