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A Tequila Oasis in the Heart of Healdsburg

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Okay, so far, this so-called Indian summer of ours hasn’t exactly stuck.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands and get out of Dodge.

Think: Mexico by way of Healdsburg, with a heavy dose of tequila.

Introducing Mateo’s Cocina Latina, a modern Yucatecan cantina equipped with a bar specializing in sipping tequila, rare mezcal and cocktails with both, opening today.

In light of Healdsburg’s forecast being a good 20 degrees warmer (and today being Mexican Independence Day), it seems more than appropriate to dedicate your weekend to a little Cinco de Mayo–level revelry. By which we mean free-flowing margaritas and tamales at a wrought iron table under the string lights on the big outdoor patio.

In true cantina fashion, everything’s a little distressed, down to the old light boxes crafted into tabletops for the communal tables. Start at the long steel bar with a shot of tequila from a list of more than 60, or go a little dirtier with one of a dozen mezcals. After that, you can layer in made-to-order margaritas like the seasonal Caliente (radish, cilantro, serrano chili) or perhaps a Manhattan Mejicana.

You’re probably already familiar with chef/owner Mateo’s roving Yucatecan supper club and farmers’ market enterprise, so this sit-down joint feels like a long time coming. And you’ll know to order the suckling pig tamales and Bistec Yucateco.

Since it’s conveniently located across from h2hotel, you’ve got a built-in crash pad.

Which brings us to rule #1 of tequila-filled nights.

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