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Bloody Marys and Fondue at the Ritz

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The Ritz has served you well in the past.

Be it for a liquor-fueled respite during a blistering day, or the occasional late-night tryst (which usually begins with a liquor-fueled respite).

Well, it’s about to serve you even better. Double truffle fries and Bloody Marys better.

Take your first gander at Artisan Bistro, an airy house of Bloody Mary breakfasts, power lunches and whole Maine lobster, opening this Tuesday at the Ritz.

So say your UK director of operations is in town. And his assistant may have mentioned to you that he has a thing for extended lunch meetings over dense pasta. You’ll now bring him here for some Potato Gnocchi with Three Cheese Fondue and their Uncommon Black and Tans—a thick concoction of New England corn whiskey, Sam Adams lager and Geary’s London Porter (hopefully, he’s also a fan of post-meeting naps).

And when your NYC friends are in town, you’ll want to return for dinner—the chef was previously at the Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan. Claim some leathery stools at the bar or reserve a communal table for a whole steamed Maine lobster and a few rye-and-vermouth-filled Figs, which are made with actual figs.

So leave your emergency Fig Newtons at home.


Artisan Bistro
at the Ritz-Carlton
10 Avery St
Boston, MA, 02111


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