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Fresh Sushi Den at Bellagio

You can cut your cigars three different ways, make the most sedate sedan corner like it's on rails, and pick out a spicy Pinot Noir blindfolded.

You can even maneuver a hang glider with panache while wearing a perfectly tailored tuxedo.  (Or could, if pressed.)

Still, there are some things you leave to an expert. Like placing the perfect hunk of fish on an Unagi & Banana Roll.

So we've got just the expert for you: Akira Back, exec chef of Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant & Bar, officially opening tomorrow at Bellagio.

Back has paid his sushi dues under legends of the raw-fish community—hall of famers like Nobu, Morimoto and Nagao. He's also got that requisite air of mystique, having been a professional snowboarder in a past life. So he's equipped with the pedigree and the X-tremeness to rock your sashimi-loving world. (Among the tastes that await you: Yellowtail TatakiKing Crab Dynamite and, possibly our favorite, Scottish Salmon with Japanese Hollandaise.)

You'll want to savor Back's arrangements from a table on the private balcony. Not only is it the most intimate space in the restaurant, it'll also give you and your date the best views of Lake Bellagio and the fountain show.

As for what to do from here, we won't offer any advice.

In these matters, you're something of an expert.


Yellowtail Sushi
3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Center Strip
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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