Wingin' It

Wingwomen Hits Vegas

Sometimes the difference between ending the night alone and ending the night un-alone is all about who you start it with.

And while a solid wingman is good, a talented sidekick of the opposite sex can catapult you to dizzying new heights.

Say hello to Wingwomen, now serving in Sin City.

A trick of the trade in the New York singles scene for a few years now, Wingwomen's concept is simple: For $75 an hour, an attractive female will serve as your spirited wing-person for the evening, helping you read the playing field and igniting conversations with all manners of sexy ladies. (The service is merely taking advantage of an effect that has been well-documented in scientific journals, books and the movie Can't Buy Me Love: It is easier to meet beautiful women when you are with a beautiful woman.)

And Vegas being Vegas, Wingwomen has wisely brought a little extra ammo to town. Its Rockstar package combines VIP treatment at a nightlife hotspot with a minimum of two of the company's savviest professional icebreakers—cozying you up to bachelorette party booth-mates, casually introducing you to off-duty tango dancers and—perhaps most critical—knowing precisely when to make a discreet exit.

Because in a town without clocks, timing is still everything.


Las Vegas, NV,

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