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Meet Your New Lobster Guys

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We know that look in your eye.

And that rumble in your stomach.

It’s time for your afternoon snack. But wouldn’t you just know it: the break room vending machine has spiraled out its very last lobster roll.

We know a place that can hook you up: New England Seafood Company Fish Market, setting down anchor in Lakeview.

This company is not exactly new to the area—they’ve been wholesaling for seafood powerhouses like Shaw’s for years. But now that they’ve moved to this spot, you’ll be in good hands when you’re shopping for your next lobster boil. (They’ll hook you up with everything from corn on the cob to the drawn butter.)

It’s run by a pair of Bostonian brothers, so have fun making them pronounce words like “grouper” and “chowder.” Or actually, just order some.

Once you’re done perusing the steamer clams and swordfish in the case, there are plenty of tables with green-checkered tablecloths where you can test the pan-seared scallops or haddock served with Ritz crackers. (It’s a New England thing.)

But back to that lobster roll. They’ve got the one crucial ingredient you demand. A split-top bun imported straight from Boston.

The lobster’s not bad, either.


New England Seafood Company Fish Market
3341 N Lincoln Ave
(between Roscoe and School)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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